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Brucellosis Accreditation No: W81/16
OJD Rating- Biosecurity Area-Eligible to go anywhere in Australia

The Less Work Prime Lamb Breed

  • Easy Care
  • No Shearing, Crutching or Mulesing
  • Self Shedding Annually
  • Fly and Lice Resistant
  • Ideal for Small or Large Scale Production
The Wiltipoll is a breed of sheep, developed in Australia from the Wiltshire Horn. It is a polled sheep primarily bred for prime lamb production and are dubbed ‘easy care.’ Its short white fleece is shed annually and is of no commercial value.
In 1974, Harry and Jill Powell of Munna Wiltipoll, Coolah, New South Wales, purchased their first Wiltshire Horn rams from Leo Harwood, Victoria and bred Wiltshire Horn sheep for twenty four years. In 1998, 6 of their poll ewes were joined to a Wiltipoll ram purchased from Annie Hughes of Kars Station. In 2000, they purchased another Wiltipoll ram from Annie Hughes and joined him to all their Wiltshire Horn ewes. Then two years later all the Wiltshire Horn ewes were sold to concentrate on their Wiltipoll flock. In 2005, 204 Wiltipoll ewes were joined to 4 Wiltipoll rams. Harry and Jill held their first On-Farm Sale of Wiltipoll Ewes and Rams in February 2006. They have always maintained a very strict culling process for sheep that did not shed properly and apply great emphasis on carcase weight. 

Available:   Registered Class A1  Ewes,   Registered Class A1  Rams 

and   Commercial Ewes
& Rams

For more information please contact 02 6844 6244 or  02 6844 6268
munnacoolah@gmail.com                   dunlopmunna@gmail.com

All our Registered Wiltipoll sheep have full pedigrees & all our Registered and Commercial sheep are TOTAL shedders

Munna Wiltipoll sheep are eligible to go to South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia as we are

in the
Coonabaranbran OJD Biosecurity Area